September 21, 2020 – Announcements

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One item in addition to the announcements:  Senior pictures will be taken on the field by John Peterson and student/parent pictures together will be taken up in the stadium concourse during the third quarter by Angie Taylor.  Thank you John and Angie!

The big changes this week with our football game are:  1) 9th graders will arrive a bit earlier to get to practice their show with the A and B group together.  Note: They are not PERFORMING it until October 10th.  2) All students will arrive in their white t-shirt and black band shorts, long black socks, and black band shoes.   This is what is worn under the uniform so no one has to take anything OFF, only put the uniform on OVER what they are wearing.

Last reminder–uniform fittings: 9th and 10th A students today at 3:00, then 9th and 10th B students on Wednesday at 2:00.  Any junior or senior who couldn’t make it last week needs to come by one of these two days.


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