October 19, 2020 – Announcements

October 20, 2020 By


We have some updates regarding our remaining fall performances:  (*Some of this information has changed since we read through announcements with students this morning.)

  1. Our last football game will be a playoff game on October 30th.  We are still awaiting details regarding time and place, and will have an itinerary out as soon as we can.

  2. Due to dropping temperatures and where our game falls on the calendar, we are going to make our final home game a costume night!  We will not wear uniforms so that students may bundle up in the stands and wear layers under the costume, if necessary.

  3. For the halftime performance we will have a few new songs and/or part of the 9th grade show, so that we can have all 9-12 graders play on the field together.  

  4. The Veteran’s Day Parade will be Sunday, November 8th at 2:00pm.  Details are changing daily and we’ll have an itinerary out as soon as possible.  Due to needing to decrease the number of students involved, this will be a performance for 10-12th graders only.

  5. Beginning tomorrow, we will return to the normal 8:00am start time for the 10-12 band.

  6. We will have 2 more combined rehearsals at Seacrest.  One next Wednesday on October 28th and one the following THURSDAY, November 5th so we can set our parade block –these days we will start at 7:30am.  No Wednesday combined rehearsal this week.

Regular weekly announcements here.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility once again,

Mr. Thorpe, Ms. Shively, Mr. Layher, and Mrs. Riley