July 14, 2020 By

A note from the band directors: 

Dear Band Families,

As weather looks to interfere with our 2nd day of activities, we have decided to change our schedule to hopefully dodge the rain.


8:00-11:00 Senior and Sophomore Color Guard (remains same as Tuesday)

*They are able to work in some spaces out of the rain but still outside

12:30-2:00 9th and 11th Guard and 9th Percussion (remains same as Tuesday)

2:15-4:00 10-12 Percussion

Drum Major Candidates are assigned groups and times:

2:30-3:00 Megan, Andrew, Larissa

3:00-3:30 Anna, Brayden, Deliasha

3:30-4:00 Jason, Brooke

We understand that this was not anticipated and that some students have conflicts. Please let us know if you cannot make it to the revised times.

Some takeaways from today’s activities:

It was GREAT to see students again. They did a great job of working with the restrictions and staying positive.

A few students did NOT have masks. We do not have any to give out at this point so please send every student with a mask.

Some students did not bring any water. Please send students with plenty of water. As we told them today, we cannot let them into the building and even if we could, the water fountains are all covered and turned off.

If any veteran Color Guard members have flags at home, PLEASE BRING THEM BACK. We cannot share any equipment this year so we need every flag pole we have in our inventory.

Please pass this along to others who may think to check email or group texts or chats yet. We will send this out through the normal channels: Synergy (last spring’s rosters), group email to 9th graders, Google classroom, and the Band booster website and any alert notification they may have set up.

Thank you for your time.

Mr. Thorpe, Ms. Shively, Mr. Layher, and Mrs. Riley