Fundraising – Current Campaign

April 12, 2021 By
This is a quick “heads up” about a new & safer fundraiser we’re doing for Lincoln East High School Band. 
Giving Bean is a Gourmet Coffee Roaster and Tea Blender focused on helping groups like ours raise funds.  
No paper, cash or checks handling:
It uses our own web-order form and takes payments by Card or Paypal.   Any web- device can be used to take orders, AND you can send the Order Form Link to locals to order for themselves. 
 NOTE: Students will deliver all these orders when the sale has ended.
Just about everyone enjoys a great cup of coffee (or tea) !   
  • Giving Bean Coffee is artfully roasted in small batches and ships fresh.
  • Prices are comparable to other high quality coffees and teas, but 40% will go toward student funding.  
  • Non-local (direct) deliveries will provide 25% toward funding.
  • Coffee labels will say “Thank you for supporting Lincoln East High School Band”
  • Also, a big plus, people can order more after this sale to continue to support us in the store (25%).

Funds raised will be credited to individual band accounts to be used towards band fees or Nashville trip payments!

When to Start:  As soon as you have a Seller ID# (please sign up on the Google Doc).  Official start date is 4/12/2021 

Orders Due: 4/23/2021  (please start selling early) 

Product Delivery Date: 7-14 business days after we close open orders and we’ll arrange for you to pickup

We’d really like everyone to each sell at least 10 items to help make this a success. 

You’ll receive a SELLER ID# by email after signing up on the Google Doc from Mr Thorpe.  You can then ask coffee and tea drinkers for their support.  

Remember, they need your Seller ID# to order.  (You will be alerted with each order placed).


This is the order form for local customers:

Order form for Lincoln East High School Band

This is the link to use if your customer is not local and will need to have their coffee or tea delivered directly:

Direct to home and office shipping for Lincoln East High School Band supporters. (25% profit)