Concert Information – December 10, 2020

December 7, 2020 By


As we expressed to students this week, we feel very fortunate to have an opportunity to perform at an end of semester concert.  This will be a unique event, unlike any other concerts we’ve had in the past.  Below is the schedule of performances, including arrival and dismissal times.  Details are as follows:

1) The concert will be livestreamed on Facebook live.  You do not need to have a Facebook account to watch the live feed.  We will have more details about this process out next week.   We will leave the video up for 1 week on the Band Booster Facebook page and it can be viewed multiple times.  The entire concert will be one continuous feed with several intermissions for stage change and warm-ups.

2) There is no in person audience, including students.  Once students perform they are dismissed and MAY NOT just “hang out” for the rest of the night.  If there are siblings that are sharing rides and they perform at different times, we will make accommodations for them.

3) Concert attire is ALL BLACK.  Reminder that this means regular long sleeve shirts, black pants (not leggings), LONG black socks or stockings, and black shoes.  Long hair needs to be pulled back out of the face.  (Jazz Band attire is modified a bit –white shirts with ties.)

4) Z students are welcome to perform with us but most that we’ve spoken with have chosen to take an alternative assignment to make up the points.  If they ARE coming to the concert, please send us an email to verify so we have accurate seating charts.

5) The 10-12 graders have also been preparing carols in smaller groups.  Those will be recorded on the day of their final and then distributed to families, nursing homes, etc.


December 10th Concert Schedule is as follows:

5:15pm    Band room opens for 9th grade

5:30      9th grade warm up and run through (first combined full group)

6:00    9th grade performance

            Brass choir arrive 

6:15    Brass choir to stage

           9th Grade dismissed

6:30    Brass choir performance

           White Band arrive

6:45    White band to stage

            Brass choir dismissed

7:00    White Band performance

            Blue Band arrive

7:15    Blue Band to stage

           White Band dismissed

7:30    Blue Band performance

7:45    Jazz band on stage

            Blue Band dismissed

8:00    Jazz band performance


Please let us know if you have any questions.

Mr. Thorpe, Ms. Shively, and Mr. Layher