Weekly Announcements for 8-27-18

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NEW on this week’s announcements:

(Full Band) First Football Game in uniform is this Friday, August 31st! See the attached itinerary for details.

(Full Band) Musical pit meeting after school Thursday in the Strings room.

(Full Band) Tri-M music Honor Society meeting after the Musical meeting.

(Full Band) Doane University Honor Band info is now available. One web link is for general information: www.doane.edu/ffw-students and one web link is for audition materials: www.doane.edu/ffw-student-application . There are two paths to take for this group: auditioned and non-auditioned. If you audition, you are guaranteed a spot in 1 of the 3 bands. If you don’t audition, you are not guaranteed a spot

(10-12 Band) Leadership meetings will start this week, on Tuesdays at 7:15 a.m. in the Strings Room. Flutes will be up for treats.

(10-12 Band) Leadership will be playing on 107.3 the morning of Friday, September 14th at 7:00 a.m. More details as we get closer.

(Full Band) Next 2 weeks at a glance:

Su M T W TH F Sa
26 27 28 29 30 31 1



4:30 p.m.

2 3 4 5 6 7 8
No School 1st Away Game (Polo/Jeans)

4:30 p.m.

Flute Salad

(10-12 Band) Senior soloist auditions happen on September 12. See the flyer in the hallway for more details.

(10-12 Band) Leadership meetings will start NEXT week, on Tuesdays at 7:15 a.m. in the Strings Room. Flutes will be up for treats.

Reminders from previous announcements:

 (Full Band) Away Game Rosters: We have 3 “away” games at Seacrest this year. This means we show up in Polos and jeans, sit on the other (East) stands and play pep tunes but do not march at halftime. We have split the band into 3 evenly numbered pep bands. Our primary goals were 1) disperse leadership / seniors evenly and 2) keep siblings in the same band for ease of transportation for families. Each student will perform at 1 of the 3 games. Exceptions: Color Guard and all Frontline are excused from Away games. Upperclassmen drumline will play at all 3. 9th Grade Drumline will choose at least 1 to attend.

(Full Band) NMEA All-State Auditions –registration is due September 10th! Follow the link here: https://nmeanebraska.site-ym.com/page/2018AllState. After September 10th, registration doubles from $20 to $40.

(Full Band) The October 5th Football Game will be “Band Appreciation Night”. It will be full of Spartan band members: 9th grade will perform at Pre-game, Alumni will sit in the stands with us, 8th graders will also sit in with us, as well as honoring our Band Seniors at halftime. Stay tuned for more details.

(Full Band) Flute Salad! There is a unique opportunity for all flute players on Saturday, September 8th. Flute choirs from UNK, UNO, Wayne State, and Lincoln’s own “Cordi di Flauti” are inviting all Lincoln flute players to join in the fun. This is a cool opportunity to see and play Alto, Bass, and Contra Bass flutes! See the website for more information! https://www.bartlettstudio.org/flute-salad.html

(Full Band) Concordia University Musical Arts Day is October 26th! Any interested students are welcome to audition for this Honor Band, which takes place just after Marching season ends. Deadline to audition is Monday, September 10th. Please refer to website for more details and audition requirements: www.cune.edu/MAD .

—Mr. T



*Move and set up equipment (“Pit Crew”)—we could use 5 more volunteers;

*Assist student with uniforms (“Uniform Assistants”)—we need 6 more volunteers;

*Keep the band hydrated (“Water Volunteers”)—we need 2 volunteers to refill coolers at half-time, clean them out and put away after the game.

If you can help at any of the games, we would appreciate it so much!!! You can even make it a family event!  The sign up sheet can be accessed here:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f044caeac2da7fb6-football

Feel free to sign up for as many performances as you wish.


We’ve had a number of parents who have had issues loading pictures on to the Band’s FB page. Many of our parents have also requested copies of pictures taken by other parents or the Executive Board. To address these inquiries, the Executive Board’s Communications Director has created a “shared” East Band Boosters site on Shutterfly.

Pictures taken by the Executive Board will be downloaded to this shared site. Any of our band families, including parents and students can upload and download pictures here as well. Those pictures may then be used on Facebook, Instagram or our other social media sites. Our band families may also purchase any of the pictures through Shutterfly.

The shared site will be updated after every performance or special event throughout the year.

If you wish to be added to the shared East Band Boosters Shutterfly site so that you may review, upload/download or purchase pictures of the band from Shutterfly, please email the Executive Board at eastbandexecutiveboard@gmail.com and we will add you to the contact list.


If you have ordered car decals, photo buttons, band apparel and parent directories, those orders will be available for pick up outside of the band room this Friday, August 31st from 3:00-4:00 p.m.

***If you ordered parent band apparel/spirit gear from Uprise, we anticipate that orders will be available by the game on Friday, but we cannot guarantee that. We will let you know definitively as soon as we know.


The Band Boosters are excited to host the Second Annual Vendor and Craft Fair on Sunday November 18th from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. in the Lincoln East Gyms.  Our goal is to have 200 vendor and craft booths for your holiday shopping needs!  A food truck and gift wrapping will be available to shoppers.  All proceeds raised from the event will support the band.

If you know of any direct sales vendors or crafters who may be interested in reserving a booth for the Fair, please have them contact the Project Chair, Sonya Brakeman, at sbrakeman1971@yahoo.com.

We will need adult and student volunteers during the Fair. More details will follow later this fall.