Information for 8-31-18 Game-Itinerary, Uniforms and Food Policy

August 30, 2018 By

Parents and Students,

Mr. Thorpe wants to remind you that  tomorrow we have an early game (4:30) and for the first time we will be in full uniform.  Because of the time of the game, students should plan on bringing a snack in their backpack for after school in case they get hungry. When the students are in uniform, they may not eat or drink anything other than water.  Unfortunately, an early game time may also mean a late dinner for everyone.

Attached are two documents: 1) a reminder itinerary for tomorrow afternoon and evening, and 2) the uniform policy.  We have expectations of our students in uniform not only to respect the uniform but also that by having a uniform on, they represent our program and our school.  Please read through this tonight and address any issues (hair, earrings, etc.) to save time tomorrow.

8-31-18 itin.doc (1)

Uniform Policy 2018 (4)

We should all be excited to see the kids march tomorrow night.  Mr. Thorpe said that the 10-12 band has fought against the odds of the weather, sound equipment issues, and class pictures this week to learn an entire song, 14 sets marching and playing, to perform for tomorrow night.  The 9th grade Band just finished charting their first song today and can successfully get through it, beginning to end, without any major collisions or bodily harm.  Seriously, they are doing outstanding work!

Please contact us or Mr. Thorpe if you have any questions.