Executive Board Meeting July 29, 2019

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Attending: Sonya Brakeman, President; Pam Kolbe, Vice President, Becky & Kirk Eckhardt, Co-Treasurers; Megan Witherspoon, Communications Director

Attending via Telephone:  Heather Johnson, Secretary


The Board discussed the upcoming Tailgate celebration on August 2nd.  We have 12 tables on reserve—3 for sales tables, 5 for food service, 2 for the grilling area/Greg Gates and 2 extra as needed.  The arrangement will be discussed during set up at the party.  Rain is in the forecast so the Board will plan to move inside the building to the Concourse if it becomes necessary. 

We will be taking pre-orders for the Lincoln East Band Cookbook.  We will also be selling spirit earrings (Angy McCarter will be manning the sales table) and donated spirit gear.  

There are still a few details to finish up:

–Create signs with information about ordering spirit gear and a link to the website

–Check with Greg Gates to see if he has a canopy for the grill

–Confirm the needs for the sales tables

–Contact Mr. Thorpe and ask him to get coolers from the basement

–Set up box for free will donations

–Need cash box/bank bags for sales tables

–Confirm payment for meat—do we pay the vendor or does Greg Gates pay for it and gets reimbursed

Pam Kolbe reminded the Board that Kona Ice will be available during lunch on Friday, August 2nd, the last day of Band Camp.  Mr. Thorpe will invite Lincoln Northeast to participate.  Northeast and East will have a joint drill down at Seacrest on Friday morning.


Heather Johnson reported on the status of the Lincoln East Band Cookbook.  A price needs to be nailed down but for now, the cookbook committee thinks the price will be $12.50 or two for $24.  They do not want the price to be more than $15.  Heather noted that there have been a few alumi submissions.  Heather will provide the Board with information about the number of recipes in each section of the book.  She said that the Committee also wants to add some “Thorpe-isms”—quotes that Mr. Thorpe always says as a fun addition to the book.  She said she would like recipes from the band directors.  Recipes will be accepted through the end of August. Turn around time is 10-14 days so we hope to have the books by the end of September.  The Committee anticipates that enough pre-orders will be made that the first order of cookbooks will be paid for.  The Board discussed possible contests to increase the number of recipes submitted for the cookbook. If a contest is necessary, it will be held towards the end of August.


Kirk Eckhardt has researched the cost of hiring an auditor to audit the books of the Boosters.  It will cost at least $2,000. The Board discussed this costs and decided that a formal audit is not within the Booster budget and will instead develop policies and procedures for the examination of the Booster’s financial records.  The Board discussed the recent LPS recommendation that support organizations use two Treasurers.  Mr. Thorpe had asked the Board to appoint a third Treasurer this year even though we currently have two Treasurers in place since they are related.  Roles and responsibilities of the third treasurer would have to be developed, perhaps with auditing responsibilities. It was discussed that the Board reviews the financial statements, all expenditures and contributions at Board meetings with Mr. Thorpe. Our financial statements are presented each month at parent meetings.  Given the size of the Booster budget and the financial procedures in place, the Board voted not to pursue a third Treasurer at this time.

The Board discussed the availability of written financial policies and procedures.  Such financial policies will be developed this year. Included with those policies will be the requirement that any unplanned purchases over $500 must be approved by the Board and included in the minutes.

The band budget for the 2019-2020 school year will be reviewed at the September board meeting for the new board members.


The Board discussed the current Bylaws and proposed revisions made last year that were not approved.  It was decided that revisions are needed related to Board membership and fiscal responsibility.  There was discussion about adding ad hoc committee members, perhaps with voting rights.  The Board decided that revising the Bylaws is a priority and established December as the deadline for making such revisions.  Sonya Brakeman and Megan Witherspoon will work on the proposed revisions to the Bylaws.


The Board discussed making improvements to communications among the Board and with parents.  Megan Witherspoon will work with John Peterson, the band’s webmaster, to create email accounts for the various board positions.  Emails that come to the Board’s Gmail account will then be more easily distributed to the positional emails rather than to the personal emails of each board member.  Pam Kolbe volunteered to monitor all of the emails that come to the Board’s Gmail account and will distribute emails to members as appropriate.  

There was also discussion about using the band’s website as a “shopping cart” in the future so that all payments (clothing, contributions, decals, etc.) can be made through the website instead of through other mediums.

Megan Witherspoon asked that she be given 48 hours to send out special announcements/communications from the Board/Committees to the parents, unless it is a true emergency.  She reminded Board members that the weekly communications to the parents will be sent on Sunday night and that any announcements to be included from the Board should be sent to Megan prior to Sunday night.

The meeting was then adjourned.