May 1 Booster Meeting Minutes

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Lincoln East Band Boosters Monthly Meeting – May 1, 2018

  1. Band Director Report: Mr. Thorpe
  1. 4/16 District Music Contest Successful day!
  1. Wind symphony was the only band to receive all “I” ratings by the 3 judges.
  2. Symphonic band & concert band were both rated II’s but very close to I’s.
  3. Only 3 bands all day received a I’s rating.
  1. 4/20-21 Blue Note traveled to the University of Colorado’s Jazz Festival.
  2. 4/26 Blue Note to Jazz Summit
  3. 4/30 Jazz Cafe
  4. Woodwind Choir: practice Wed & Fri mornings
  5. Posting of 2018 Marching Band, Leadership & 2018 -19 Concert Bands on Friday
  6. Concert : May 15th 6pm NOT concert Black attire
  7. Drumline & Guard Tryouts continue
  8. 1 or 2 new tubas arrived today!!!! These will be used by all 3 bands on the final concert.
  9. LPS has added the extra standard of Color Guard sponsor! This is a savings of $2271.14 to the Band Boosters!
  10. Future: Mr. Kenney changing of roles next year. Mr. Kenney part-time between East in the mornings & Yankee Hill in the afternoons. Hiring of a new full time Assistant Band Director position has been posted.
  11. Summer Band dates on have been posted on the calendar. Will be posted on website.
  12. Music for upperclassmen show will be put on Google classroom when it’s available
  13. All-State music is up on the NMEA website. For those wanting to audition.
  14. Audition materials for LYS auditions also on announcements.
  1. Secretary’s report
  1. Minutes on our website | | Any additions or corrections please let us know.
  1. Treasurer’s report – We have about $10,000
  1. Corky Canvas fundraiser raised $228.00.
  2. Fell short $2700.00 in contributions this year.
  3. Anybody have money in student accounts from fundraising can use that money to pay for band expenses. There is about $1000.00 in the accounts from seniors that are graduating this year. If not claimed for expenses or rolled over to underclassmen accounts, it will be absorbed into the general funds account.
  4. Group talked about wondering what it would take to put in a bid for NSBA marching band contest. Pondering what it would take to do this to help cover costs & not do as much fundraising for the rest of the year. Mr. Thorpe stated he would look into the bid matter more to see if this is even an option for East Band.
  1. Communications | Media Report – Sonya Brakeman
  1. Saltdogs Fundraiser—tickets for sale. Not able to do fundraiser as we had planned due to district liability issues. But still have opportunity to sell ticket vouchers for fundraiser. Must sell at least 100 tickets. Heather Johnson in charge of this fundraiser.
  2. Volunteer sign-up genius for May 15th awards night help.
  3. By law revision | At-large members | Ad-hoc Committees Felt good idea to add at-large members to perform as committee members. The board is working on this by-law change & will announce these changes early in next school year.
  1. Vice President Report: Tricia Kehn
  1. Forms | Due April 30th | Can write 1 check | Please mark Band Directory preference
  2. Voting on open board positions Voting was performed at the meeting for the open positions of Vice President & Secretary for the 2018-2019 school year. Miki Valenta was unanimously voted into the Vice President position & Kristy Manzitto was unanimously voted into the Secretary position.
  3. The Lincoln East Band DVD Order form for the end of year band video was made available to members present at the meeting.  The End of the Year Band video will be available for purchase for $12 w/dvd pickup or $14.50 w/dvd mailed.
  4. We will be having our Exhibition show tailgate event again this next school year on August 3rd at 6:30 pm upper parking lot by band room (22). Full Band Exhibition will start following the tailgate at 8:00 pm.
  5. Q & A | Adjournment for the year.
  6. The idea for Marching Band jackets was brought up much like the Show Choir jackets. Mary Linafelter brought this idea & will look into this further. Mary also stated she will look into regular marching band apparel for all season wear. Upcoming Events in MayMay 15: Final Concert/ Awards Night @ 6:00 PM East High Auditorium
  7. May 4 & 5: Expressions @ 7:00 PM East High Auditorium
  • Important Note:  Treats are provided by our Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior families.
  • Freshmen–each student please bring one dozen cookies.
  • Sophomores–each student please bring one dozen brownies (pre-cut).
  • Juniors–each student please bring one dozen cupcakes.May 29 – June 1: Spartan Jr. Show Choir camp (4th – 9th graders) @ 12:30 – 4 PM, with performance Friday at 4:30 PM.
  • May 27: Lincoln East Graduation @ 6:00 PM Pinnacle Bank Arena