Band Board Meeting Minutes 7-8-2019

August 7, 2019 By


Attending:  Sonya Brakeman, Pam Kolbe, Becky & Kirk Eckhardt, Megan Witherspoon, Heather Johnson, Tom Thorpe, Dan Layher, Paula Williams and John Peterson


1. Board Member Introductions


2. Tom Thorpe updates:

Staff: Mr. Thorpe introduced the new Assistant Director, Mr. Layher, to the Board

Marching Band Uniforms: 

  • • The expected ship date for new uniforms is Sept. 22nd.  The company predicts that this will be sooner.
  • • Color guard uniforms were ordered last week


  • • There is a desire to incorporate synthesizers this year, meaning that equipment carts are needed.  Dr. Nielson paid for the cart for the synthesizer. Mr. Thorpe requests band support of approximately $500 to purchase the synthesizer.
  • • Requests for orders from Judy (East High) should go through Mr. Thorpe to streamline the process.
  • • Panels are needed for this year.  The decision was to purchase black panels.

LPS Related Items: 

  • • LPS  has made several recommendations for booster clubs.  
    • o One of those suggestions is to have 2 un-affiliated treasurers.  Since our two treasurers are married, we may need a third.
    • o The other is for an annual audit by a 3rd party (cost of which to be paid by the boosters)
    • • Portable classrooms have changed the configuration of the practice field.  The band will do everything possible to be flexible to accommodate this. it is expected that the portables will be at East for at least 4 to 5 years


    • • Expenses for this year include: Drumline, Drill writing, Updated wish list to include a Synthesizer and Stadium stands for the drums
    • • A plan to manage fundraising for student trips is in the works and will be evaluated so it complies with LPS’s new rules.  There is a possibility that the board will not be able to manage student accounts without school involvement.

Schedule correction: the first football game on Sept 6th is away. (at Seacrest)


    • • Is there another spot for gift-wrapping supplies?  They are overflowing in the storage space at the school.  The request is for the board to find an off site storage unit.
    • • The old uniforms are still at the school and need to be disposed of to free up space.

3. Photo day (John Peterson):

    • • Dates will be confirmed once uniform delivery dates are known.  Sessions will be held after school, and a make-up day will occur if needed.
    • • If a second photographer is utilized, there may be a need for a larger space. 
    • • Several merchandise options will be available, including memory mates, section photos, magnets, keychains, etc.
    • • Button delivery will be announced once photo days are scheduled.
    • • Parent volunteer needs for instrument handling will be communicated to the membership.


4. Pit crew needs (Sonya on behalf of Greg Gates):

    • • New panels were requested and will be ordering in black.
    • • Unsure of volunteer needs at this time- will advise closer to the date.


5. Treasurer’s Report (Becky and Kirk)

    • • About 5,000 in PayPal money and 8,000 in checks
    • • Parents paying for things that they are not supposed to, some will get refunds


6. Band Forms and Uniforms (Paula): 

    • • A suggestion was made to make the form more user friendly (google docs are hard for payment tracking)
    • • Band forms: 59 out of 217 forms are still missing as of today
    • • A question was posed as to whether or not families shall pay one contribution per child in band-  Yes- this is the expectation. Just as two children in soccer would pay two registration fees, so shall two students in band even if from the same family. 
    • • Shared a preliminary copy of the band directory in landscape form. 
    • o  The directory will not contain student phone numbers or email addresses.
    • o An updated list for color guard members will be requested.
    • • Reminder to order polo shirt and shorts now rather than later
    • • Paula will meet with the band student leadership team to discuss the plan for uniforms. Kids at band camp about uniforms (leadership)
    • • Potential of a reward system for the kids that dress out well.
    • • Kids that need shoes to measure shoes early in band camp
    • • 31st and 1st are uniform readiness days
    • • Paula will advise of volunteers needed for uniform fittings once the uniform arrival date is known.


7. Spirit and Show Shirts (Sonya on behalf of Kim Skeels):

    • • Uprise is working on the spirit shirts.  When complete, they will be available through the Uprise website.  Uprise will deliver all orders to the board, who will then disseminate to families prior to the first game on Sept 6th.
    • • A design for the 9th grade band theme rock classics is underway
    • • Show shirts cannot be finalized until band camp starts and the section rosters are finalized.  All student names/sections are printed on the back of shirts.


8. Band Camp (Sonya):

    • • Parent volunteers are needed for each 4 hour shift during camp.  Their role will be to assist should a medical need arise. This is not a hands-on role, but rather to assist in coordination should something occur.
    • • The board has asked for parents to volunteer treats or ice pops prior to lunch on July 26th
    • • Food (Pam)
    • o Waiting on confirmation from Raising Canes
    • o Kona ice is confirmed for 11:30 on Friday August 2nd.  Prices are $3-5 for each item. Let East staff know about Kona so they can also participate. 
    • o Valentino’s will not bring a truck, but would bring full pizzas at concession prices as long as slices were not sold for less than $3 each.
    • o Suggestion was made to see if parents would like catered meals each day of camp in 2020-2021 and pre-pay for each day rather than having students travel off-site.


9. Tailgate- Aug 2nd (Sonya):

    • • Looking to identify a chair for the event.
    • • The question was asked about whether or not the start time could be moved up to 5pm rather than 6pm?  Mr. Thorpe explained that this would be too much downtime for students between end of the tailgate and start of the exhibition.  The decision was made to start setting up earlier, but keeping the 6pm start time.  
    • • Volunteer needs were discussed.  A sign-up genius will be created to manage this.


10. Craft Fair- November 24th (Sonya):  Mr. Thorpe was asked to ensure the gyms are available so the date can be confirmed.


11. Gift wrapping (Sonya):

    • • Gateway mall will provide the same space as last year- off of the food court.
    • • Gateway will market this activity and also add their own spin on gift-wrapping by assisting shoppers in decorating their East-Band-wrapped gifts.


12. Communication (Megan):

    • • Board members are to submit items for weekly communication by the end of the day Sunday each week.  Notices will be drafted and sent out on Mondays. Urgent messages will be sent in addition if necessary.
    • • A public google calendar will be maintained for members and their families to utilize.  Calendar events will include details, locations, and cost if applicable.
    • • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat will be utilized, along with the East Band website.