April 5 Booster Meeting Minutes

April 9, 2018 By

I. Band Director Report: Mr. Kenney
a) PowerPoint presentation—click here for important dates http://lincolneastband.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Kenney-Power-Point-Presentation-4-5-18.pdf

II. Secretary’s report: Minutes on our website
a) Tricia noted minutes will be added to the website (http://lincolneastband.org/) for review prior to monthly meetings. The March 1 Parent meeting minutes can be found on the website for review. Additions or corrections of the previous meeting not made during the current meeting can be emailed to the executive board.

III. Treasurer’s report: Financials & Student Accounts
a) Tricia read Melanie Peterson’s (Band Booster Treasurer) prepared report. Total income received this fiscal year to support the band is $22,626. Total expense this fiscal year to support the band is $25,140. We are in the red $2,514 but funds carried over from last year have kept our checking account positive with an ending balance of $1,208. A question was asked by a booster parent, if our total income included fundraising monies for the #savethetubas campaign. Tricia did not want to answer definitely without consulting with Melanie, but speculated that fundraising for the #savethetubas campaign was separate. Tricia has since received an answer from Melanie that, Yes, monies raised for the #savethetubas campaign are a separate line item. See below spreadsheet.

The executive board is awaiting the purchase and/or receipt of 2 tubas from Mr. Thorpe.
b) Tricia reported via Melanie’s report to remind existing sophomore/junior students with a positive balance in their band booster student account that funds can be applied toward their 2018/2019 contribution and other registration costs. Please contact the EastBandExecutiveBoard@gmail.com if you need information regarding your students balance. A question was asked by a booster parent if a senior can rollover their balance to a family member in band and the answer is yes. Another booster parent asked if student funds can be allocated towards director gifts and the answer is yes.

IV. Communications | Media Report: Sonya Brakeman
a) Website feedback: Sonya stated that as of March 1st, the executive board launched a new and improved website with new URL (http://lincolneastband.org/). The website is more user-friendly and streamlined for easier navigation. Sonya asked parents to share their feedback with the board. The executive board would like to know what the website is lacking or needs improvement on.
b) Volunteer opportunities for next year: Sonya communicated that our booster organization is 100% operated by volunteers. Sonya outlined the main events and fundraisers that require the majority of volunteer help. She had physical handouts for parents to sign-up for and will have Sign-up Genius posts for each.
c) Saltdogs Fundraiser: Colt Clark, the Ticket Sales Manager from the Lincoln Saltdogs organization spoke to the membership about the potential “Lincoln East Night” fundraiser on July 21st. This is a family-focused event. The band would be invited to play the National Anthem at the beginning of the game and other patriotic songs during the 7th inning stretch. He also mentioned the possibility of one of the band directors throwing out the first pitch. We can also think of other things to do to make it a fun night and possibly do this every year. Colt said that if we are able to sell 100 tickets to the game that night, 50% of the fee will come back to the band. There are several ways the students can fundraise for the event: 1) students may either buy the tickets to the July 21st game themselves; 2) they can sell the tickets to someone else to attend the July 21st game); 3) they can sell the tickets to someone else so the student and his/her family can attend the July 21st game (“sponsorship”); or 4) the students can sell “flex vouchers” so that purchasers can attend any game during the season. Colt did mention that “Beer Fest” will also be going on that night. Several vendors will be in attendance before the game to sell samples of their beers. People who have already purchased tickets to the game can “upgrade” their ticket for an additional $10 to attend Beer Fest. Anyone who wants to purchase beer will be carded so our students will not have access to alcohol during the game. Colt also confirmed that he will set up a staging area for instruments and cases so that the students do not have to hang on to their instruments during the entire game. Mr. Kenney suggested that the students can do a run through of the music they will play that night during Music Monday which is scheduled for Monday, July 16th. This could also be an opportunity to display our Music Department trailer. The Boosters will discuss this event with Mr. Thorpe to determine if we want to pursue it.

V. Vice President Report: Tricia Kehn
a) Forms | Due April 30th | Can write 1 check | Please mark Band Directory preference

b) Board position open: Secretary and Vice President | Voting at our May meeting
c) Angela Melton asked if our executive board had Members-at-large. She stated that if we needed help to rewrite our band constitution to include such members she would be available to help. Members-at-large do not hold a specific officer position but serve on the board and may have various responsibilities and projects during their elected term. Tricia stated this would be advantageous to the executive board and to work to get the constitution change approved on the May voting ballot pending board approval.

VI. Next meeting: Please note a DATE CHANGE to Tuesday, May 1st @ 7:00 PM

VII. Lincoln East Performance Schedule at District Ensemble Contesthttp://lincolneastband.org/events/nsaa-district-music-contest/