Announcement about Harvest of Harmony Trip – From Mr. Thorpe

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I appreciate your patience with the volume of emails that have coming at you the past few weeks.  The next 3 1/2 weeks have a lot of details that we want to communicate out to you so please read everything thoroughly.  We talk through all of these itineraries in class with students as well.

First, let me say a few things about the Grand Island trip, some of which has changed from what veteran parents may be expecting for that day.  When this whole 9th Grade split became a reality last year, our number one goal was to keep as much of the band a 9-12 community when possible.  Grand Island we saw as a great way to keep that happening, marching in the parade together.  Then the 9th graders stayed around all day to watch other bands, and support the 10-12 band at the end of the day.  With the schedule being even longer this year, we have had a change of thought with the 9th graders’ involvement in the day.  So we will still perform together in the parade then watch a few bands then eat lunch, all together.  But then after lunch, 9th graders will head home.  This allows for some together time but also respecting families’ other activities as well.  If 9th graders would like to stay for the day, they may, but will need to be signed out by a parent.  If you cannot make it out to Grand Island but want your student to be signed out by another adult, that must have a note from the parent, approved by Principal Cassata and delivered to us BEFORE WE LEAVE.  We think this will be a great day for all of the East Band.  We welcome you to travel out and cheer us on in the parade!

This is our busy time and I will try to keep info / emails efficient and sparse.  Thanks for your understanding and please contact me if you have any questions.

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Mr. Thorpe